Feeding protein «NATURAL» (DDGS)

The feeding protein «NATURAL» refers to distillers grains dried under specific technology without introduction of any additional ingredients.  Distillers dried grains is a main waste of ethanol production. The high energy value and content of protein renders the feeding protein “NATURAL” especially useful for meat-oriented cattle sagination. Inclusion of the feeding protein into the feeding ration enables to reduce the consumption of grains in a significant way.

The feeding protein «NATURAL» contains a considerable amount of crude protein reaching 37 and more percent, which is equal to the protein of sunflower cake as of use efficiency and feeding value. Such amount of protein is determined by the life of yeast in the process of crudes fermentation to obtain spirit.


Total content Amino acid content
indicator in % per dry matter indicator in % per dry matter
Moisture 3,7–7,6 Lysine 1,08
Crude protein / Protein according to Barnstein 35,9–37,3 /28,0-34,0 Histidine 1,17
Crude fat 5,2–7,6 Arginine 1,77
Crude ashes 1,7–5,1 Aspartic acid 2,43
Crude fibre 11,3–15,6 Threonine 1,33
Nitrogen-free extractive substances 32,5–35,8 Serine 1,67
Calcium 0,4–2,4 Glutamic acid 9,92
Phosphorus 0,5–1,1 Proline 3,25
Vitamins Glycine 1,40
показатель в % на а.с.в. Alanine 1,52
B1 (tiamin) 8,2 Cystine 0,57
B2 (riboflavin) 120,4 Valine 1,83
В3 (pantothenic acid) 110,5 Methionine 0,72
В4 (choline) 4250 Isoleucine 1,42
В5 (nicotinic acid) 370,7 Leucine 2,70
В5 (free piroxidine) 15,4 Tyrosine 1,10
Н (true biotin) 0,75 Phenylalanine 1,67
Вс (folic acid ) 14,2 Total amount of amino acids 35,55
Micro-nutrient elements Feeding units 1,08–1,27
indicator mg/kg dry matter    
Iron 1570    
Zinc 210    
Manganese 75,2    
Copper 8,4