Feeding yeast protein “STANDARD”

The feeding yeast protein «STANDARD» is presented as classic feeding yeasts based on the distillery dregs. Distillery dregs, a byproduct of spirit production, serve as a nutritive  medium base for growing yeasts. The yeast protein “Standard” features the  content of protein not lower than 32%  according to  Barnstein and the content of non-protein nitrogen within the amount of nearly 10%.

The feeding yeast protein “Standard” has lower concentration of purine and pyrimidine residues of nucleic acids. This property guarantees feeding security of the feeding yeast protein “STANDARD”. Therefore, it is more preferable to use the feeding yeast protein “STANDARD” in the poultry ration.

Content of the feeding yeast protein “STANDARD”  

Indicator Feeding yeast protein  “STANDARD”
Base: Distillery dregs
Crude protein, % 43–51
Protein according to Bernstein %,% of the crude protein 32–37,80–90
Concentration, %: purine bases, pyrimidine bases 2-6, 0-3
Probability of RNA excess accumulation Inconsiderable
Probability of live production cells accumulation Inconsiderable
Exchange energy, kcal/100 g 220
Crude fiber, % 1,2-2,9
Crude ash, % 3,9–7,1
Crude fat % 2,2–3,1
Mono and disaccharides 3,9–8,8
Organic acids, g/kg 23
Unsaturated fatty acid, mg/kg 540
Cholesterine, mg/kg
Dietary fiber, g/kg 1,8
Metal-magnetic impurity,  mg/kg, not greater than 30
Total bacterial  load(thousands of cells in 1 g) not greater than 150
Toxicity Nontoxic/No
Pesticides No