Feeding yeast protein “EXTRA”

The feeding yeast protein  «EXTRA» is presented as the brewer’s yeast autolysate (BYA).

The feeding yeast protein “EXTRA” features protein according to Barnstein within the range of 37-40%  and actual absence of non-protein hydrogen.

The important advantage of the feeding yeast protein “EXTRA” is its use as a raw material for Saccharomyces brewer’s yeasts, which absorb all the valuables that are contained in grains and multiplied by a yeast cell in the process of beer maturation. The yeast cells contain 40-54% of protein and 18% of glycogen, they are reach of group B vitamins, mineral salts and indispensable amino acids. In terms of the amino acid content, the feeding yeast protein «EXTRA» is close to animal feeds.

Content of the feeding yeast protein “EXTRA”

Indicator Feeding yeast protein “EXTRA”
Base: Waste of beer production
View finely-divided powder




From creamy to bright brown.


Peculiar to odourless yeasts

Crude protein, % 44-46
Protein according to  Barnstein%,% of crude protein 40,80–90
Crude fibre, % 1,2-2,9
Crude ash, % 6,7
Metal-magnetic impurity mg/kg, not greater than 20
Total bacterial  load(thousands of cells in 1 g) not greater than 150
Powder dividedness, % particles passing through a sieve with the hole size  0,250 mm 98,8
Shrinking at drying, % 3,2
Toxicity Nontoxic/ No
Pesticides No