Brewer’s yeasts for calves

Autolyzed brewer’s yeasts (ABY) is a feed additive, application of which in the content of starter compound feeds  for calves enables to

  • Increase the average daily body weight gain of calves up to 16.4% at increasing the feed conversion up to 8%;
  • Increase the digestibility of nutrients:
    • dry substance by 7%;
    • organic substance by 3.7%;
    • protein by 4.8%;
    • fiber by 6.3%;
    • NFE by 2.9 %;
  • Reduce the prime cost of the gain unit by 6.2% and increase the profitability of growing by 7.1%;
  • Enhance the use of taken nitrogen by 5.3% and digested nitrogen by 4.8% .


This data had been verified by researches conducted at the Department of Farm Animals Feeding and Feed Technology  of the State Research Institution  “Russian Research Institute of Animal Breeding” of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Link to the source.


In terms of chemical composition, ABY is comparable to fish meal, at that, it contains the protein hydrolysis products such as amino acids, peptides, etc that have high accessibility and immunomodulatory properties.


Dosage: recommended rate of  ABY inclusion into the content of starter compound feeds – up to 6% as for weight.


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Owing to a unique spraying method of yeast drying, “MOLTA” guarantees high product quality, which is recognized on the European markets. 


Autolyzed brewer’s yeasts produced by “MOLTA” are successfully used by our European purchasers in production.


Considering their rich properties, yeasts are a high-value feeding material for universal use.


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Product description:

View – powder.

Brewer’s yeasts are presented by the culture variety of Sacharomyces cerevisiae.

Drying method – spraying (protein coagulation feature is excluded from the method).

Dry substance content in yeasts varies within the range of 92-94%.

Сrude protein – 40 % and more.


There is a variety of scientific publications concerned with using ABY in starter feeds for calves, including 1. Kirilov, М. Starter compound feeds with dry brewer’s yeasts for calves / М. Kirilov, V. Vinogradov, N. Anisova, R. Fatrakhmanov, S. Zoteev, I. Gusev // Dairy and meat animal breeding. – 2010. – №2 – p. 22-24.2. Zoteev, S.V. Metabolism and productivity of calves at feeding them with the brewer’s yeast autolysate / S.V. Zoteev, M.P. Kirilov, V.N. Vinogradov, R. Fatrakhmanov, N.I. Anisova, I.V. Gusev // Scientific bases of carrying out livestock breeding: collection of treatises / GNU VNIIZH of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, –Dubrovitsy: VNIIZH, 2009.- Issue 65. – p. 59-62.