Brewer’s yeasts for swine

Autolyzed brewer’s yeasts (ABY) is a feeding additive that has proved its high efficiency at use in compound feeds for swine that continue to be grown or saginated.

The results of the research and farming experiment on piglings that were grown at the age from 60- to 108 days have shown that using ABY in feeds enabled to

  • Increase the average daily weight gain of animals by 14.2%;
  • Reduce the feeds expenditure per 1 kg of body weight by 12.8%.

It is recommended to include the autolyzed brewer’s yeasts into feeds for piglings to be grown at the age from 60 to 120 days within the amount up to 3%.

The detailed study of chemical, amino acid, mineral and vitamin content of ABY at the Testing Center of VNITIP and GNU VIZH showed that one kilo of brewer’s yeasts, in contrast with the hydrolytic yeasts,  has the content of vitamin B2, B3, B4, and B5 that is 40 times, 5 times, 4 times and 2.5 times as great respectively.  Brewer’s yeasts contain all indispensible amino acids required for full-value nutrition of livestock. Link to the source

The efficiency of using autolyzed brewer’s yeasts in full-ration compound feeds for saginated swine has been proven. ABY enable to

  • Increase the average daily body weight gain of animals by 18.4%, increase the absolute body weight by 6,9 kg;
  • Improve the digestibility of nutrients by 2,39%;
  • Increase the digestibility of crude protein by 2,88%;
  • Increase the digestibility of crude fat for piglings by 1,26%;
  • Increase the digestibility of crude fiber by 9,88%;
  • Enhance the digestibility of NFE by 0,92%;
  • Enhance the use of Calcium;
  • Enhance the use of Phosphorus taken with the feed by 2,92%;
  • Enhance erythrocyte formation by 6,2%.

The economic feasibility of the inclusion of up to 5% (according to the compound feed weight)   to the compound  feeds of the swine to be saginated  .

In terms of chemical composition, ABY is comparable to fish meal, at that, it contains the protein hydrolysis products such as amino acids, peptides, etc that have high accessibility and immunomodulatory properties.

Considering their rich properties, yeasts are a high-value feeding material for universal use.

Product description:

  • View – powder.
  • Brewer’s yeast are presented by the yeast culture variety of Sacharomyces cerevisiae.
  • Drying method – spraying  (protein coagulation feature is excluded from the method).
  • Dry substance content in yeasts varies within the range of 92 – 94 %.
  • Сrude protein  – 40 % and more.